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If only life could be a Musical

May 12, 2013

I have always wished that life were a musical.  I think it would be absolutely amazing to have everyone around you suddenly break into choreographed song and dance.  This might also explain my success in the “musicals” category in the iPad game SONGPOP.   In my younger and goofier years, I would occasionally attempt to make this happen by singing as I did something or went somewhere.  (As an aside, I am thinking doing this might be something I should begin doing again in my efforts to do things that make me feel young).  But aside from the odd leap off a curb here and there, I’ve never added in the dancing piece.  And those around me would seldom join in with either the singing or the leaping.

However, in this day of “flash mobs”, the concept of randomly ending up in a musical moment is not so far fetched.  And besides it did happen on Grey’s Anatomy , maybe it can happen to me (not a proposal, but a random musical number).   So if the next time you see me, you would consider sharing your “what is new” update with me through song and dance, I promise to join in and try to learn the words and the actions – at least to the chorus.


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