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Quick but wise

May 13, 2013

Tonight’s post is going to be quick.  But I promise some wisdom.  Of course once again, not my own, but I figure I’m helping all of you out by reading all the wise and wonderful posts and then passing along only the best and most relevant.

So here is today’s wisdom:

The certain shortcut

 The shortcut that’s sure to work, every time:

Take the long way.

Do the hard work, consistently and with generosity and transparency.

And then you won’t waste time doing it over.

How true that is.  When we try to do things quickly, and cut corners to save time, it seldom works out.  And to expand on that a bit, in life we need to wade through the hard stuff and despite our desires or pleading, not skip over it.  It is by taking the long way and going through the hard stuff that we become the people we are.  Better, stronger, and wiser people.  The long way and the hard way is not the easy way, but as the wisdom above says – it will be the “right” way and the best way in the long run.

Sky Report at 9:42 at Waterloo Regional Airport: lots of grey and white clouds a very few spots of blue poking through

Yarn Strands: The knitting wont’ happen for a couple of days, but I’m thinking grey and white…


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