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The past or the future

May 14, 2013

I’m reading a book right now that includes a question about what we believe about the world:  “Is the best future a return to an imagined pristine era when things were ideal, or is our best future actually the future?”  It caused me to pause and think.  Do I think that the best the world and society will ever be involves returning to a previous time or way of life?  Or to I believe that whatever lies ahead will be better?

I have been known to lament when life was simpler and slower.  When kids played on the street  and people were connected to their neighbours and communities.  When it didn’t seem like everyone was “too busy”.  But I’m not really sure I think life was so much better then.  It was different, but not necessarily better.  It came with it’s own challenges and struggles.  And people have always been people, with good and bad responses to the world.

If I have to choose – I would have to say, I do believe that the future has the potential to be better that what we know now or have known in the past.  I really believe we have the opportunities and the potential to make the world a better place.  To create a society that is kinder and more equal for all.  I believe that if enough people make small individual choices to show grace to the people the interact with, to share their resources and gifts, to care about people they don’t know – that the future will be better.

In light of all the crappy stuff from last week and my generally pessimistic approach to life, it has been a bit shocking to consider this question and my ultimate answer.  So what about you – do you think our collective and individual best future really is the future or that we should be striving to return to some other point in society/history?  And how does your answer influence your actions and interactions?

Sky Report at 10:00 – sorry missed checking – but at lunch time the sun was shining with a few clouds

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