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May 15, 2013

I seem to have known a lot of people with May birthdays.  I’m not sure if statistically more people are actually born in May or if it’s just a coincidence. The researcher in me says it is unlikely that the birth rate is higher in May, but I’m not really prepared to do a study to confirm one way or another.  Perhaps it’s just that I’m more aware of the May birthdays since my birthday is in May.   But it seems like lately almost every day, I know someone or hear about someone whose birthday it is.

I really like birthdays.  Okay I should clarify that statement, I really love my birthday.  I have been known to count down to my birthday for months in advance.  Loudly and frequently reminding those around me of the upcoming special day.  Mostly I believe that if you want your birthday to be a big deal you have to make it a big deal.  And sharing my anticipation is part of the excitement for me.  It’s my birthday, so why count on others to make sure it is a great day.  Despite the extensive promotion, I don’t expect or need a bit event with lots of people.  Rather, I focus on creating  a day that is all about me and the things I want to do and that make me happy.  Years ago I started the tradition of not going to work on my birthday.  I like my job and work with lovely people, but the chances of something wrecking my day are much higher when I’m at work, and it’s not the worth the risk on that one day of the year.  Often I enjoy coffee on my deck, a great breakfast with Russell, maybe a hair cut or massage, some time in my garden, and hopefully asparagus soup in blue bowls as part of my lunch or supper.  I might buy myself some flowers or treat myself to something new.  I wait for and enjoy the phone calls or messages from the people who every year call to sing and/or wish me a happy birthday.  My day is usually pretty simple, but it’s great, and it’s exactly the way I want to spend the day.

So no today is not my birthday, but it is a few days away and I’m getting excited about it and know it will be great.  But like I said at the beginning, I seem to know a lot of people with May birthdays.  I also have a strange ability to remember the birthdays of many people I attended elementary school with, even though I don’t see them now.  So in keeping with this birthday post – happy birthday to Ashok.  I wish for Ashok and everyone else with a birthday coming up, a day that is filled with exactly the things you want.

Sky Report at 10:00 in Ottawa – overcast

Yarn Strands: grey and white


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