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May 19, 2013

I tend to knit in the evening. This usually works well, unless I have evening plans.  After being away for several days last week, this weekend I ended up with evening plans, that impeded my usual knitting routine.  So tonight I had a week’s worth of knitting to do.  Instead of the knitting taking me about 5 minutes, it took me over half an hour.  I wrote down the sky report for each day and then checked off the rows as I went.  A couple of times when I had two days worth of knitting, I got confused, so I knew a 7 days worth would be extra tricky.  But never fear it all went well.

The scarf looks great (see photo below).  Sometimes I still struggle with selecting colours.   For example, yesterday I did double grey, not because it was more overcast than other days, but I just felt like the coluors over the past week or so had perhaps painted the sky cheerier than it really had been.  The scarf just needed a bit more grey.  So the odd time I manipulate colours or days to get the overall right effect.

scarf - may 19

When you look at the photo, don’t you just love the big block of blue from a couple of weeks ago.  That was a great run of beautiful weather.   Can’t wait for that to happen again.

Sky Report on Friday: mix of sun and cloud

Yarn Strands for Friday: light slate blue and rain

Sky Report on Saturday: overcast, there was even a few drops of rain

Yarn Strands for Saturday: two grey

Sky Report on Sunday: blue skies

Yarn Strands for Sunday: the two blues



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One Comment
  1. Laura permalink

    The scarf looks amazing. It would look grat with my dark gray wool winter coat 🙂

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