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Knitting invites conversation

May 24, 2013

I don’t knit in public.  But I know people who do.   There are a couple of people at work who knit on their lunch break, another woman who frequently knits in training sessions or workshop.  And of course, I am frequently with my mum when she is knitting somewhere.

Knitting in public causes people to initiate conversation and ask about the project.   Knitters and non-knitters alike ask these types of questions.   People comment on the colour of the yarn, guess at the project, and hypothesize that your progress reflects how long you have been waiting.  Knitters will share about their own projects, either similar or not similar, and are also known to question the brand and source of the yarn.  Non-knitters, on the other hand, are more likely to marvel at the skill involved in knitting (even when it’s a simple pattern), praise the activity, and in some cases covet the end result.

In a world where we too frequently stick to ourselves, avoid eye contact, and “don’t talk to strangers”; the conversations that happen from knitting in public are a wonderful thing.  Knitting can connect people and causes all parties in the discussion to share a little bit of themselves.  And the end result is that we see the world and the people around us as a better, warmer, and more welcoming place.

Sky Report in the morning: I didn’t notice specifically at 10, but a bit later I noted that there were sunny spots but also lot of clouds.

Yarn Strands: light slate blue and light grey


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