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It doesn’t have to be either or

May 30, 2013

Tonight I thought it was time to share another excerpt from the book I’ve been sharing from.  The book talks about our obsession with trying to put things into categories, to make something either one thing or another thing.  But I think that really there is very little in life that is about categories, most things in life aren’t mutually exclusive from one another.  Things are not by definition secular or religious, few things are entirely good or entirely bad, people on different sides of an argument have more things in common than things they disagree about.  Life is much more complex than easy assign categories.

A few years ago, I heard someone talk about eliminating the word “but” from your vocabulary and encouraged people to use “and” instead.  As usually when you want to use the word “but” in a sentence, it is not that what has been said is untrue, rather that something else is also true.  So “and” is the more appropriate word.  For example, I want to take time to relax AND I want to finish everything on my to do list.

We don’t have to try to fit things into categories and be either or something.  We can be “and” something.

“Because sometimes you need a biologist,

and sometimes you need a poet.

Sometimes you need a scientist,

and sometimes you need a song.”

Sky Report at 10:00 – I didn’t notice right at 10, but it was pretty bright most of the morning and the area by my desk was really hot as the sun shone in.  Russ says there were some clouds.

Yarn Strands: Blue and white


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