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Put Pork on Your Fork

June 8, 2013

ppoyfI live on a pig farm.  As a result I am a big supporter of pork products.   I ate pork prior to marrying a pig farmer, but now days I find myself eating pork and encouraging others to do the same much more often.  Ironically, over the past few years, I also have several people in my circle of friends and family who do not eat pork for a variety of reasons.

But you may be asking, “what does pork have to do with knitting?”.  Well, I often write about things that make me happy and while it may sound strange to you non-pork eaters, bacon really makes me happy.  I love “pork on a bun” from the Mennonite Relief Sale; I think bacon is a great addition to any salad, burger, breakfast, soup, etc. , and I have found that when you find a fellow bacon-lover – the conversations on the topic can go on for quite some time.

This past weekend, I was exposed to two new things about bacon.  First, a food truck had a sign advertising bacon brittle, a product that appeared to be like peanut brittle with bacon chunks.  Unfortunately, the brittle was not available during the food truck festival I was at; which was sad as it would have been the perfect souvenir to bring home to Russell.  Secondly, I saw a card that said on the front “I love you more than bacon”.  What a fantastic sentiment to share with someone you love.

So I don’t know who first figured out that you could fry part of pig and get crispy bacon; but I am so happy they did, cause it’s a wonderful thing.  So in honour of 40th Annual Pork Congress and local Pork-a-palooza activities in the Stratford Area, I say, put more pork on your fork.

Sky Report at 10:00 – sunny with a few clouds in Huntsville

Yarn Strands: light denim blue and white


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