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I wish I had a photo

June 13, 2013

I really wish I had a photo to accompany this post.  We tried, we really tried, but time, distance, and the crowds were not on our side.

I don’t know how you feel about bumper stickers; but I’ve never really jumped on the band wagon.  I agree that ‘farmers feed cities’ and given that Russell is the cook in my house, each day when I eat I ‘thank a farmer’; but I’ve never felt the need to display either of these sentiments on my car or anywhere else for that matter.

While in Boston this past weekend, we saw a woman proudly displaying a sticker that said “I ♥ toilets”.  This sentiment was on the clipboard or binder she was holding at one point; but where we first noticed it was on the back of her bike.  It was sticker on her bike that we tried to photograph (mostly because we could do it without her noticing).  But here is the thing – Who doesn’t love toilets???  Do we really need bumper stickers to state something so obvious.  I wasn’t aware that support for toilets was waning.  Do toilets required lobbyist activity to ensure their survival?  Is this the topic of the next quiet revolution?  And maybe it shouldn’t be such a quiet revolution, as I think it’s perhaps a cause to be  championed by all of us.

I’m not saying I plan on displaying a bumper sticker on my bike or car; but I can get behind the idea, and say with confidence that

I ♥ toilets

and I hope you do too.  And I would never think of prohibiting you from having a sticker with this sentiment; but I might try to take a picture of it.


Sky Report at 10:00 – grey and overcast by lunch it was almost sunny when I left work it was raining again

Yarn Strands: 2 grey


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  1. Kristy permalink

    I have the biggest smile on my face right now! Thanks for ending my night with a new or rather, unrealized appreciation. Totally unexpected!

  2. lindai permalink


  3. We could start a club.

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