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We are all Weird

June 16, 2013

I think too many of us have spent too much time and energy trying to be normal and worrying that our families are not nearly normal enough.  But nobody is really normal and no family is without it’s weirdness.  We are all weird.  Everyone has a bit of quirkiness in them.  Every family has things that appear strange and abnormal to outsiders.  There is a bit of dysfunction everywhere you go.

Recently I read that we are actually getting to be less normal.  ” The bell curve that for so long defined mass is melting, with the outliers gaining in number, credibility and impact.  One big reason: the web lets us see what the other weird folks are doing, pushing us to get weirder still.”  While I didn’t read any scientifically reviewed studies on this topic, it makes sense to me.  I hope that perhaps one of the benefits of having the world at are fingertips is that we stop thinking and worrying about how we or our families are weird and instead take comfort in ‘seeing’ that there is lots of different ‘weirdness’ out there. Being weird, strange, quirky, and different is the new normal.  Embrace what makes you weird as it is also what makes you special and unique.

Yarn Strands on Friday: light denim blue and white

Yarn Strands on Saturday: light slate blue and rain

Sky Report at 9:30 on Sunday: very grey, but not raining right at that minute

Yarn Strands on Sunday: 2 grey

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