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the weather took a turn

June 24, 2013

When we arrived in Boston a couple of weeks ago it was raining.  While we endured the rain on Friday, we also consulted with others about when it might stop (or at least let up).  And through various weather reports, we become confident that sometime Saturday morning the weather would turn in our favour.  And it did.

Friday, I posted that I hoped or wished or prayed (not sure which word I used, but in my heart it was all 3) that every day all summer would be as perfect as the weather had been on the first day of summer.  But as those of you in southwestern Ontario know – the weather took a turn sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning.  Since Saturday it has been humid, humid, humid.  Sometimes overcast and sometimes sunny, but always hot and always humid.  As you may have guessed, this is not my favourite type of weather.

The trouble with southwestern Ontario is there seem to be very few “perfect” weather days.  And I think I have a pretty wide range in my personal definition of “perfect” weather.  But perhaps even more troubling or noteworthy, is how much we are affected by the weather.  Okay so maybe I should be more clear – how much the weather impacts me.  The weather seems to impact my motivation, my sense of “what it’s a good day for”, my mood, and my conversations.  Mostly significantly, I find this weather impacts my desire to be outside, in that I don’t want to be, which just seems sad given how short the Ontario summer really is.  On the other hand, it does have me googling pools.  Because really today would be a more “perfect” weather day if I had a pool to cool off in right now.

Maybe perfect weather has less to do with the actual weather and more to do with our outlook or perspective on what “needs” to be done.  So however you feel about the weather wherever you are today; instead of hoping or wishing or praying that the weather takes a turn, maybe you need to give your expectations a “turn” instead.

Sky Report in morning – blue skies with some white clouds

Yarn Strands: light slate blue and white

PS – Yesterday’s yarn strands were the same – the consensus is the morning was pretty much the same as this morning.


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