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“It’s the little things that get you through”

June 25, 2013

While the title of today’s post is a lyric from a fantastic Blue Rodeo song, they have nothing to do with the post.  Well I guess, only a little to do with the post.

I have written about the importance of changing our minds about things, focusing on the positive, choosing our response, and other similar concepts about how we cope with the things life throws our direction.  I think I’ve confessed in the past, that I’m not as good at implementing these ideas I know to be true and valuable and good. Today I have a real-life example of how I’m putting the idea of doing something small to help change my outlook into practice.

At lunchtime, while out of the office grabbing something to eat, I bought a flower for  my desk.  It’s a yellow gerber daisy, nothing special, and not likely to last forever.  But these days I’m spending about 10 hours a day in the office.  And I decided the flower might help brighten up the area, provide conversation not related to work, and overall make me happy.  I got the smaller, cheaper option (almost identical to the image below), because I can never get gerber’s to re-bloom and I’m not sure it will survive long in our office.  But for  a mere $5.50, my workspace got a little brighter and my outlook a bit better.  And I’m confident the plant will look good for a least a couple more days and you know sometimes it really is the little things that get us through.

yellow gerber image

For those of you who are interested in the Blue Rodeo song, the lyrics are from Head Over Heels from the album 5 days in July and here is a link to the song and lyrics on youtube:

Sky Report at 10:00 – gotta admit I have no clue.

Yarn Strands: yet to be determined


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