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school’s out for summer

June 27, 2013

Wow I’m on a roll with the song lyric titles.  Are you singing the song in your head?  (Note for those of you reader’s not familiar with this song, I’m going to guess that your musical preferences and maturity indicate that you may not appreciate the harshness of the music that goes with the words and hence I have not included a link so you can listen).

Anyway, the last day of school is always a great thing!  It is accompanied by a feeling of freedom that no other experience in life can replicate.  Cause even the last day of work before a vacation doesn’t have quite the same feeling.  The idea of 2 months without the structure and daily routines is a welcome change, even for a school-lover like myself.  On that last day of school everyone is happy, there is a spring in your step as you fill your bag with pictures, assignments, and in high school the contents of your locker.   As a kid, my memories of the last day of school included a trip into Stratford for ice cream all delicacy not available in my home town.   Even though I haven’t been to school at all this year, I keep thinking I should have ice cream.

I recently read a quote from Vincent Lam that said “I think that if we were in touch with some of the things we found so pleasurable as children, we would be happier in general.”  Today I encourage you to find a way to get back and re-live, even in some small way, the feeling of the last day of school.  We might all be a bit happier.

Sky Report at 10:00 – overcast

Yarn Strands – grey and white


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