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June 30, 2013

Last night for the first time, I knit outside.  After several days when it was too sticky to be outside and then a couple of days of rain, last night was perfect for sitting outside.  So I took my bag of knitting moved my chair from the shady deck into a sunny spot on the lawn and I knit outside.  I was careful to keep the end of the scarf in the bag and to keep the dog from dripping water from his puddle wet nose on it and all it in all it went very well.  Knitting outside does make it easier to knit in warm weather.

Sitting outside in the evenings was one of the summer goals I jotted down a couple of months ago.  I am outside lots in the morning and work in my flowerbeds and garden during the day, but usually by evening we sit inside.  I wanted to change that pattern this summer.  As I did it last night, I became aware of some of the barriers to doing it more often, things like the lack of sun on our deck in the evening, the abundance of mosquitoes that find me when they find nobody else, and cool air after a day in the sun.  But I’m problem solving, I did move back to the deck after knitting, and I turned on the new OFF lattern we are trying out to keep the mosquitoes away, and eventually I got a blanket and some tea.  The dog played for a long time in his puddle and it was a lovely evening.  AND I’m making progress on one of my summer goals.  How are you doing?

Sky Report for Saturday at 10:00 am – rainy and overcast

Too early for Sundays’ sky report.

Yarn Strands for Saturday – two light greys


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