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Taking Knitting For Granted

July 10, 2013

While reading a magazine the other day, I read a short article that was promoting Canadian artists and crafts people and where or how to get their products.  I must admit I don’t spend much time on Pinterest or Etsy.  As a result, perhaps I am unaware and uninformed about what to pay for local handmade products.  As one of the artists featured in the article sells hand-knit baby and other small blankets.  The blanket was a relatively simple pattern of geometric shapes (triangles) in appealing bright colours where the only stitches were knit and purl.  As I recall, the blankets were selling for between $75 and $100 dollars.  I was appalled.

Maybe I take knitting for granted.  Maybe I assume everyone knows someone who can knit simple baby blankets for them. Maybe I just can’t imagine spending that on a blanket.  Maybe I undervalue my skills and gifts.  Whatever the reason, I still find the whole thing difficult to absorb.

I know I take knitting for granted, but part of me wants to believe I live in a world where that is okay. That knitting is a skill that many people have and are willing to share with others.  That it is a simple pleasure with a useful outcome that the majority of people possess.  How do we all find time to slow down and enjoy these hobbies and past-times the can bring such pleasure and lead to the creation of simple gifts?  Simple hand-knit baby blankets shouldn’t be such a rarity that they are worth $100.

Sky Report at 10:00 – I’m thinking it was still overcast, but by noon the sun was shining and it was wonderful to see.

Yarn Strands: two light grey


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