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July 23, 2013

We live in a world where there aren’t a lot of opportunities for silence.   Sometimes this isn’t something within our control.  For example, we might work in a loud and busy place and may of us have home lives that are also full of people and activity.  But when you are given the opportunity for silence how do you respond?  Do you savour the quiet or do you choose to find a way to have noise around you?

Often when I’m home alone, and there is silence or quiet around me, I find myself being drawn to turning on the TV.  It’s not that I want to watch it, rather my thought process is “I’ll just turn in on for company”.  More and more, I am trying to curb that urge and be okay with the silence and quiet.   I think it is good for me to learn to be okay without background chatter.  Although, I’m not necessarily sure what the benefits will be.  While I heard a comment this morning on the radio about being more focused and aware of our environment as a benefit of eliminating distractions in our life; I don’t think that is why I feel that being okay with quiet is a good thing.   But it just feels like it should be something I should do.

We live in a world that busy, and fast, and filled with chatter and background noise.   I’m not sure that is always so good.  But too often we contribute to that situation and rather than savour the quiet and the silence, we choose instead to fill the silence with noise.  How comfortable are you with silence?  What might be your personal benefits from learning to live with the quiet?  If you are a person who is already there has seen the benefits (unlike me who just thinks it must be good but isn’t sure why), pass them along to the rest of us, we could use the help in this area.

Sky Report at 10:00 – relatively overcast, I remember saying to the receptionist at the office “it’s not raining yet”

Yarn Strands: grey and white


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