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What’s in a name

July 24, 2013

For the past couple of days everyone has been talking about names.  Of course, this is due to the new royal baby.   Earlier today, I heard someone ask other people about their name.  It was neat to hear the stories.  Most people had something to share about why they were named what they were named, how they felt about their name, the origin of their name, or other stories about how their name has been shorten or lengthened or changed.  Our names are one thing that generally stays with us our entire life.  I think they shape us and influence perhaps in ways we don’t even realize.

So today, I encourage you to think about your name, your given name, the nicknames you have, the other things people call you, how you got your name, all those types of things.  Then ask someone else about their name.  I bet you will hear a good story.  (PS if you are a parent, don’t forget to tell your children the story of why you choose the name they have).

Sky Report at 9:15 am – in Sarnia there were lots of grey and white clouds and very little blue sky poking through

Yarn Strands: white and grey


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  1. sue permalink

    Yes, I too heard that programme on CBC about ‘names’, interesting!!! Thanks for the suggestion about how you chose your children’s names and sharing with them. Not sure I like “George” for a little baby but to be royal your choices may be limited!!! Thanks for yet another insightful thought yesterday.

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