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A perfect morning – you can create one too

July 26, 2013

These days all I want to write about is small little things related to the weather, season, nature, etc.  Maybe some of you are getting sick of reading about these types of things, but I hope you keep reading, as I’m sure this phase will pass at some point.

Yesterday morning was perfect.  If you are a heat lover, it likely wasn’t the morning for you, but from my perspective it was perfect.  It was clear and sunny.  As I was on my deck watering my plants, my coffee mug steamed in the cool morning air.  This summer everything is still lush and green and the tall is growing tall around my house.  Despite the slightly cool temperature, I bundled up and drove to work with the top down on my convertible.  The chill I acquired disappeared as the sun streamed in the window by my desk at work and my shoulder absorbed the heat.  I felt a bit like a cat lying in the sun at that moment.  All those things together made it a wonderful morning.

We might be tempted to think these types of moments (or in my case, mornings) are rare.  They don’t have to be.  If we are intentional, we can create these moments.  For me, it means not rushing off to work, but taking as little as 5 minutes to sit on the deck, or do a small task, or just notice and appreciate the warmth of the sun.  You can do it too – it takes effort but it is possible.

Sky Report at 10:00 on Thursday: blue skies

Yarn Strands for Thursday: two blue

Yarn Strands for Friday: While it’s not yet 10:00 I feel pretty confident that the skies will remain clear and blue and so the yarn will be 2 blues as well.


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