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the back-up dream

July 31, 2013

Do you have a back-up dream plan?  By this I mean the plan for what you might do if you didn’t do what you are doing now?  Perhaps it’s wrong to call it a plan, as it’s likely closer to a fantasy.  For a planner, dreamer and imaginer like myself, these fantasies make up in specific detail what they lack in realisticness.  (Aside, I seem to be making up many words in this post).

I don’t necessarily think it’s so bad to dream about opening a restaurant on the beach in Belize, or moving to the coast of PEI, or raising sheep in the rolling hills of a geographic location yet to be determined.  These back-up plans can provide a great distraction when our every day lives feel intense or uncertain.  Having a plan for what you would do if you lost your job or were at a point in life where you were choosing something else, can be comforting for a planner like myself.  And I don’t think that having these back-up dreams necessarily reflect an unhappiness with ones current situation.

I’m not sure any of these dreams/plans/fantasies will ever come to be, or even that we wish they would, as even in Belize you need to do every day things like clean the bathroom and get the groceries.  But it is fun to dream and these types of dreams can help you identify the things that are important to you in the long run (e.g., my dreams all include the people closest to me).

What is your back-up dream?

Sky Report at 10:00 today: overcast

Yarn Strands for today: white and grey

Sky Report for 10:00 yesterday: blue sky with lots of white clouds

Yarn Strands for yesterday: blue and white



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One Comment
  1. lindai permalink

    Just so you know, there is a small sheep farm in McKellar.. rolling hills, and all.

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