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Don’t rush time

August 2, 2013

It can be tempting as we move into August to start anticipating September.  This summer the cool weather that feels a bit fall like isn’t helping.  And the media which has been talking about back-to-school shopping every time I turn around has also got me thinking about September.

I’m sure I’ve shared in the past about not rushing through life and anticipating the next thing before it gets here.  When I find myself jumping ahead and rushing through time, I think about Moses (yep from the bible). Some may say that Moses’ purpose in life was to bring the people of Egypt into the promised land.  The less frequently told part of the story is that Moses never saw the promised land, he spent 40 years wandering in the dessert.  But Moses did amazing things during that time in the dessert.

So as we move into this long weekend, enjoy it.  Savour the cool  mornings, the warm sunny afternoons, the extra day off from work, the time with family and friends.  Don’t start thinking about September, or even what is coming next week or the week after.  Don’t rush time and just enjoy the day.

Sky Report yesterday (Thursday Aug 1): blue sky with lots of white clouds

Yarn Strands: white and blue

Today is looking like it’s a double blue day, but I’ll wait until tonight just to be sure it’s still like this at 10:00 this morning.


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