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September 8, 2013


Look closely at this picture.  Do you see the contrast?  I’ll tell you the story

It was a cool breezing morning as we left the cottage we were staying at and drove to the opposite end of Pelee Island to hike at one of the small wooded areas on the island.  We were dressed in pants and I had on a sweatshirt.  We had chosen that morning to hike as because it seemed too cool and windy to sit on the cottage porch and read.  We parked the car, and started the 1.6 km trail to the lake.  When we came to the end of the trail and walked onto the beach, we experienced our first contrast.  There on the south side of the island, protected from the wind, it was warm enough that we rolled up our pant legs and I took off my sweatshirt.

We walked along that protected beach until we got to the very long sandy point that sticks an additional kilometre or so into the Lake.  I didn’t understand that a chunk of sand, that in spots is only 10-12 feet wide can have such an amazing impact.  But as you can see from the photo, it can.  It was windier as we walked out this sand bar, but in the sun not as cool.  On one side the waves were 1-2 feet high, stirring up sand and seaweed.  It was rough enough that we encouraged the dog to stay out of the water.  But in extreme contrast to this, the other side of the sandy point, the water was as calm as could be, not quite “smooth as glass” but close.  A huge contrast.  It was an amazing natural phenomenon to see and experience.

I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to find a brilliant and insightful way to compare this extreme natural contrast to some other aspect of life.  I haven’t come up with one.  Perhaps you will come up with one on your own, something that is personal and resonates with whatever is going on in your life.  Or perhaps we should just revel in the majesty of nature, in awe of the beautiful and unbelievable things that are all around us.

Sky Report at 10:00 – clear blue skies

Yarn Strands: the two blue


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