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where were you when…

September 10, 2013

The media likes to play up the fact that when it comes to significant points in history, at some people will be able to remember exactly where they were and what they doing at that moment.  And of course as the anniversary of those significant historical events is remembered in the media, they ask the question “where were you when…?”

But the truth is, that while these historical events are noteworthy and important, in most cases they happened to someone else or impacted other people’s lives.  Conversely, we all have tons and tons of significant moments in our lives that changed who we are and impacted who we have become today.  But since there isn’t a TV reporter reminding us of the anniversary of those moments, we usually fail to acknowledge those personal life altering.  We don’t take time to honour who we were before, where we were when it happened, how it impacted us, and who we have become today.

If the purpose of having the TV reporter remind us of the historical events is to help us all reflect on how it has changed our society; perhaps intentionally reflecting on our personal life altering events would remind each of us how we have changed as well.

Anyway, just some thoughts, perhaps not well organized, but thoughts nevertheless.  Tomorrow is September 11, and it is one of the only historical moments for which I can personally remember where I was and what I was doing that day.  But as I thought about that, I thought maybe I should be remembering and acknowledging more of the Megan-specific events in my life as they have likely done more to shape my life than the events of September 11 so many years ago.

Sky Report at 10:00 am – some sun some cloud

Yarn Strands: the new blue (see I already can’t remember it’s name) and white

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