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time warp

September 14, 2013

Time really is a odd thing.  Sometimes it feels like time is flying by and other times it seems like forever since last Saturday, and sometimes it is both at once.  While I would say the summer has gone by quickly, my trip to Boston at the beginning of June seems like ages ago.  And on Tuesday, I had trouble remembering that I had only been back at work 2 days, as it felt like I’d been back forever.  Why we feel such a need to acknowledge the passage of time, I’m not sure.   But time, or at least our perception of time, is odd and warps and changes and stays the same.

Something to ponder on this sunny Saturday afternoon.

Sky Report at 10:11 am – clear blue skies (it was the same at 10:00 but it really was 10:11 when I noted it and so thought I’d be specific since a could).

Yarn Strands: the two blues


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