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A work in progress – continued

September 17, 2013

Since writing last night’s post, where I finished by saying that we are all a work in a progress, a song from my childhood has been running through my head.  But before I tell you the song, I’ll give you the back story.

About 30 years ago, my parent’s bible study group had a bit of a traveling road show that involved songs and drama.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that a highlight of the show was when the children of the people in the bible study group would sing.  Because a small group of various aged children and young adults dressed as construction workers is always entertaining.  I’m sure we our repertoire included several numbers, but the one that I’ve been singing all day (and that involved the construction worker gear) was called “Kids under Construction”.

Last night I googled, the song lyrics and none of the verses seemed familiar, perhaps they have changed over time.  But the chorus goes like this:

“We’re kids under construction, maybe the paint is still wet.  Kids under construction, the Lord might not be finished yet.”

So two key points for tonight: (1) the stories, songs, and lessons from your childhood stick with you for better or worse and (2) we are all “kids under construction”, all a work in progress – God isn’t’ finished with us yet.

Sky Report at 10:00 – clear blue skies (it was a great day to be off from work)

Yarn Strands: two blues

PS I’m really glad there isn’t a corresponding photo of us to include with this post.


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  1. Darolyn permalink

    I wish there was a picture….I be Kim could find one ;). And I’ve gotta say, perhaps the Swartzentruber Family singers, best known for their hit “Family of God” should have toured with your travelling bible study group. That could have been epic!!

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