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Risk & Growth

September 18, 2013

After visiting Pelee Island on my recent vacation, I was reminded of a book I had read several years ago, entitled The Pelee Project.  I didn’t really remember much, except that it was about one woman’s account of her 3 month stay the island.  Now that I’m re-reading it, I’m reminded that the book has less to do with Pelee Island and more to do with finding balance in life and focusing on the things that are important to you.

I thought I would share an excerpt about risk and growth.  It’s written as the author comes to terms with the risks associated with take a leave of absence from work and moving to Pelee Island for the winter. But it is a great reminder for all of us about the value of getting outside our comfort zone in big and small ways.

“By its very definition, risk means the distinct possibility of danger or loss.  Even though we put ourselves in risky situations every day – we jaywalk, we drive over the speed limit, we wear chartreuse – we obsess only over our failures, not our successes.  Risk, I tried to tell myself, is a necessary ingredient for personal growth. You can’t evolve unless you make periodic and temporary escapes for security.  If you stick to your comfort zone, you limit your capacity not only to accept change but also to effect change in yourself and in the wider world.”

Sky Report: another clear blue day

Yarn strands: two blues


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