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rain on the roof

September 20, 2013

Last Wednesday night, I was in Windsor for work.  I stayed in a lovely 10 or 12 story hotel.  As reminder, last Wednesday evening there was a significant storm: thunder, lightning, and lots of wind and rain.  In my hotel room on the 4th floor, I barely noticed when the storm started.  I couldn’t hear the rain or the wind or even the thunder for that matter.  It was a bit surreal.

Compare that with tonight, in my house with lots of windows and a steal roof, I hear when the rain falls harder, the thunder rumbles from miles away, and wind in the trees.

There is value in being connected to nature; to knowing what is happening outside our walls.  I take this connection for granted, and at times was even a bit tired of the rain pounding on my steal roof.  I appreciate my access to the natural world in an entirely new way after last week’s hotel experience.



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