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happy endings and what you choose to read

September 29, 2013

The other day I heard an interview that had been done with Margaret Atwood (the author) many years ago.  The interviewer was asking Margaret about one of her books of short stories, sharing that all the stories had made her sad.  Margaret’s response to this comment was that most people’s lives aren’t all happy and positive either.  She basically said if those are the kinds of stories you want to read,  you should read Harlequin romances.

Margaret’s demeanor in the interview was a bit abrupt and short.  However, I liked her comments.  When it comes to what I choose to read, I value and appreciate stories that reflect the complexity that life is.  While reading is a great opportunity to renew and refresh myself, I don’t need happy, pleasant stories to do that.  Choosing to read books that include the full spectrum of life, provides me with a chance to feel both empathy and sympathy and to see my own life, feelings and experiences reflected in the fiction.  What we choose to read says a lot about who we are, our life circumstances, and the purpose of our reading.

And while this reminder to think about the books I choose to read came from Margaret Atwood, I don’t know that I’ve read more than the one Atwood book that was part of my high school English curriculum.  But this interview has inspired me to give her a try.  I’ll let you know if they really are ‘sad’ stories.

Sky Report at 10:00 am – at that point in the day the sky was relatively blue and clear

Yarn Strands: two blues



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