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Value of Education

September 30, 2013

or education of value…

I’m becoming more and more concerned about the way we think about post secondary education.  I’m worried that we no longer value learning and education as an end in itself.  It seems that we only think about education in terms of the job and subsequent income it will result in?   When people say that they are studying arts or history or english, we tend to ask “what are you going to do with that?”  Conversely when we hear that someone is taking engineering or accounting, we nod and smile and think ‘good choice, they will be able to get a job.’  I am not immune from these thoughts or comments.  Yet, I find myself worrying that we have stopped appreciating the opportunity to learn, whatever the subject.  A post secondary education can be very expensive.  However, the point of going to school and learning about something you are interested in, isn’t just to get a job.  Education is good, learning is good, being exposed to new things and new ways of thinking is good.  All these things are good and I’m not sure you can put a monetary value on that or expect it to pay for itself through some future job.

Sky Report in the morning: Russ says it drizzled all morning

Yarn Strands: two grey

PS – If I’ve already written about this idea, sorry.  I have trouble keeping track of what I’ve thought about writing and about what I have actually written about.

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