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strengths-based focus

October 2, 2013

Many years ago, I was introduced to the idea of a strengths-based approach to things, through the book “Now go put your strengths to work” by Marcus Buckingham.  Here is a link to a short video if you want to watch him talk about it:   But basically, the idea is that you will get more bang for your buck if you focus on the things you are already good at rather than your weaknesses.

From a theoretical perspective, this is something that makes great sense and an idea that most people can support.  But when it comes right down to it, we seldom apply this approach to life.  Our natural tendency to create goals related to an area we want to improve upon, we worry about the things we aren’t good at, we frequently forget to comment on people’s gifts and skills.

For some reason, focusing on the strengths of ourselves and others is hard.  Ironically, I’ve just identified this whole conversation from a weakness perspective.  Man this is harder than I thought.

Sky Report at 10:00 – not sure, going to have to ask Russ when he gets home

Yarn Strands: to be determined


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