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More vs. Less

October 7, 2013

When you think about improving your life, do you think about something you want to do less (e.g.,. eat less, be less negative, be angry or frustrated less often) or do you think about what you want to do more (e.g., spend more time with friends, be kinder, be outside more)?

This past weekend as I was challenged to think about where my life needed healing, I initially focused on the things I wanted to do to less.  But it felt like another example of my deficit or weakness approach to life.  And so in that moment of pause, I decided instead to think about the “more” I could add to my life that might have the same “healing” effect.  More love, More laughter, More Silence, More Thanks, More Grace.

Focusing on More, I think sometimes it’s the right way to go.

Sky Report at 10:00 – still grey and overcast

Yarn Strands – white and grey


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