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a new ball of the other blue

October 16, 2013

For those of you, who have been reading the blog every day and saying to yourself (or maybe someone else), ‘but what about the knitting? ‘  Here is some information about the knitting.

– I still really love the knitting.  In fact two weeks ago, i worked on my other knitting projects and soon should have one of them finished.  The knitting is still the easy part.

– There was a moment of panic on the weekend, when after that long stretch of blue sky days, I thought I might run out of light denim blue.  Light denim blue is one of the colours I use when I say “two blues”.  Luckily much to the surprise of both my maaam and myself, she had a couple extra balls in her basement.  This was a wonderful turn of events as neither of us were sure we where we would find the right colour.  So next sunny day, I’m starting a new ball of light denim blue.

– I haven’t checked the length of the scarf, but as you know, it’s super long.  I keep wondering how many times I’ll have to watch it around my neck so it doesn’t drag on the floor.

– There is only one row with dark grey.  Maybe we will go through the entire year with only one morning thunderstorm.

I’ll post a photo soon.

Sky Report at 10:00 – mix of sun and cloud

Yarn Strands – blue and white

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