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Mixed Tapes

October 25, 2013

Remember mixed tapes?  Maybe you even still have some around.  There is no equivalent to the mixed tape in today’s world.  Oh yeah, I know, there is the ability to “shuffle” your songs, but there is no predictability or commitment associated with “shuffle”.   Mixed tapes required one to intentionally decide what songs went together and what order to put the songs.  Mixed tapes reflected the music of an era or specific point in your life.  Making a mixed tape for someone else was a gift that was personal and the receiver understood the time and energy that had gone into the gift (whether the tape was their preferred mix or not).  I have two mixed tapes that,until I got a new car a year ago, I would still play once in awhile.  It makes me sad to realize, I don’t think I have any cassette playing device in my life anymore; as “The Shiny Happy Fun Cassette” (not made by me, but by a couple of great guys I knew in university) and “The House on Billy Sings” (a joint effort with a couple of friends), are two compilations that reflect both fantastic music and many memories.

Mixed tapes were a wonderful thing, I kind of miss all they represented>  If anyone knows how to take a mixed tape and turn into an audio file, please let me know.

Sky Report – Since I already admitted to someone that I really didn’t take note at 10:00, I won’t lie.  I don’t have a clue what the sky was like at exactly 10 am, but most of the day it was a mix of bright sunshine and dark rain clouds.

Yarn Strands – grey and light denim blue

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  1. lindai permalink

    I still have the House on Billy tape, and a random one made for me in high school, where you can still hear the transition sounds of pressing down the record button.. Fun times.

  2. The book I just finished, talked about mixed tapes and how you often missed the first few seconds of the song when copying from the radio. They really are happy memories.

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