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You Never Know What Will Come From Something

October 28, 2013

Until today, I didn’t know anything about Lou Reed.  Actually that’s not quite true, I did know at least one of his songs – “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”.  But today, following Lou Reed’s death, it seems like everyone is talking about him.  Without any effort, today I heard several Lou Reed songs, learned how he impacted other musicians, heard stories about who he sang with, toured with etc.  And so while I can’t really say I “knew” Lou Reed, today I feel a bit of affinity for him.

Perhaps the most interesting Lou Reed reference was in Seth Godin’s blog.  While there is some discrepancy regarding the original Lou Reed reference (as noted in Seth’s blog), basically he is credited with starting a 1,000 bands with his rather unsuccessful first album.  As the story goes, Lou’s first album didn’t sell many copies, but it seems that those who did buy it were so motivated by what they heard that many went on to have their own successful music careers.  Seth reminds us that we can focus on owning something and selling lots of it or instead we can focus on sharing what we have and seeing what others do with it.

Sharing your knowledge or skills or whatever with others without caring about what you get back, means that you never know who it’s going to influence.  Maybe whatever you share will inspire someone else to turn it into something even better.  It shouldn’t be about getting credit, but about seeing greatness or amazing come to be.

Sky Report – I had to rely on Russell as I was in a windowless room all day – but he said it was pretty sunny

Yarn Strands – the two blues


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