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Knitting Progress

October 29, 2013

Way back in January, a friend said they were going to read the blog, just because they wanted to see me write about knitting, every day for a year.  And obviously, I haven’t written about knitting each day, but perhaps that is a good thing, as I’m not sure I could or should write about knitting every day.   All this to say, today it’s about knitting.

Today was a big day in my knitting career (can you call it a career if you are just doing it for fun?).  Today I started a new project and it involved cables.  And while the cables are impressive, the most exciting part for me about this whole story, is that when I read the pattern, I actually understood each word and knew I could actually knit the project.  Before this, I have always needs my mum to help translate the pattern and either show me what to do and/or re-write what needs to be done in words I understand.  It’s really kind of exciting.  So I say again, its been a big day!

Sky Report at 10:00 – Hurray a day with blue skies that I could get out and enjoy.

Yarn Strands – the two blues


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