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let the decorating begin

November 7, 2013

I have just returned from my workplace’s annual leader’s conference.  This event takes place in early November each year.  In addition to this being a significant event in my employment year, it also has significance in my personal life.   As I have a rule – “I can’t begin decorating for Christmas, reading the Christmas magazines, or working on the Christmas crafts (or whatever else I might want to do related to the season) until after the conference”.  And that day is now.  So tomorrow, the Fall decorations go away, and the Christmas ones start coming out.

I can’t wait!

Sky Report on Wednesday – grey and overcast

Yarn Strands – two greys

Sky Report on Wednesday in Orillia around 10:00 – a bit of sun and blue sky poking through the clouds

Yarn Strands – light denim blue and grey


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  1. Darolyn permalink

    You are crazy!! But I may send Carson over to your house…at bed time he said, “you know mommy…its almost Christmas time, we better get the tree up!”

    • The little bit of fresh snow this morning makes the day even better! It really is time.

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