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Learning about people

November 8, 2013

As I mentioned in  yesterday’s blog, I spent a couple of days this week with leaders from across the province at my workplace’s annual conference.  Within my organization, I have one of a handful of roles that involves connecting with leaders from all parts of the organization.  I love this part of my job.  And I’m sure it a contributing to factor to why I love the annual November conference at Geneva Park.  Because I work with great people!  And each year at this event, I get to know at least one or two of my co-workers a bit better.  This year I learned that someone has re-found their love of jazz, that someone else once biked professionally, and that another spent New Years Eve in Brazil.  Learning about people beyond just work stuff makes ever the other person more real, helps make it easier to pick of the phone when I need to talk to them, and can brighten up a day.

This idea of getting to know people better applies not just to co-workers.  There are many people in our lives where once it awhile it would be good to ask questions like: what are your hobbies, where would you like to travel, what is something new you are trying these days.  You never know what you might learn and how it might help your relationship.

Sky Report at 10:oo – Today I’m not guessing what it was like at 10, as I was outside for a walk at that time and it was snowing like crazy!

Yarn Strands – two white as there were so many big white flakes it was hard to walk and see.


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