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Go to More Concerts

November 11, 2013

I should be going to more concerts.  I think going to live concerts is always memorable.  Sometimes the concert is memorable for the music and special effects, sometimes for the people you went with, sometimes for the other things that happened (like getting “carded”), sometimes because everyone else remembers and you don’t.  Maybe there are people whose frequent concert attendance has led to financial hardship.  But I say that if you aren’t close to that point in your life, choosing to take in more concerts is going to be a good choice.

By the way – maybe I should have put a Dixie Chick song on “my playlist“.

dixie chicks

P.S. This photo isn’t actually from last night – but without a photo of my own, this is the google image that most closely reflected last night’s hair and clothing (minus the sparkly pant).

Sky Report at 10:00 am – grey, grey, grey

Yarn Strands – two grey


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  1. Truth, Meg. Truth.

  2. lindai permalink

    I did love the sparkly pants 🙂 good times.

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