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November 15 already

November 15, 2013

It’s already November 15 and after giving you the heads up that I would be writing about Christmas, I really said too much on the topic.  I’m actually trying hard to not get worried to stressed out by the date, given the list of things I like to do as part of my Christmas preparation.

To bring you up to speed; I have:

  • put out the decoration (but not the trees) – yep all the nativity scenes are out.
  • cleaned the “fall decorations” off the front porch (but haven’t created my Christmas greenery planter boxes yet)
  • booked cookie baking day (2 days this year to spread things out)
  • tenatively booked annual shopping day
  • listened to the favourite Christmas CD’s for the first time

Things still to do include:

  • making Christmas cards
  • actually doing the Christmas gift shopping, which usually involves several lists
  • put up the outdoor Christmas lights
  • finishing knitting my stockings so they can be hung after 2 years of knitting
  • make the first of many batches of nuts and bolts
  • and many, many, many other things that I haven’t even thought of yet

But Christmas is about the preparation, that is part of what I love.  The trick is walking the fine line between having just enough preparation for it to still be fun without being overwhelming.  Not always easy, but worth the effort.

Sky Report – I was in a windowless room at 10, but at noon when I walked across the street is was sunny and lovely

Yarn Strands – two blues



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