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Remember your Priorities

November 25, 2013

In life, it is important to know what your priorities are.   There are a thousand or a million situations and choices where knowing what is most important to you can make all the difference.  When asked most people will say that their family and friends are near the top of their priority list.  Unfortunately, it is very easy to forget this.  For some reason, we quickly forget that the relationships should be more important than: getting the laundry done, going on a vacation that meets all of your preferences, going shopping on the day and time you want, having your own way, being right….. fill in the blank with your own response.

I am not exempt from this struggle to remember what is really important in life.  But more and more frequently, I am consciously, and often out loud, reminding myself that the people and the relationships matter more than all the other details in life.  People matter more than stuff.  Relationships are frequently more important that personal preferences.  So this is a reminder to ‘remember your priorities’

Sky Report at 10:00 – mix of sun and cloud

Yarn Strands – blue and grey


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