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Knitters Epidemic

December 7, 2013

There is an epidemic of knitters in my office.  I’m assuming they are all people who knit on their own time previously, but in the past couple of weeks they all seem to have started knitting at work and bringing in their projects to show each other.

What I find funny is that when I tell them I knit and share with them about my scarf, they tend to assume I have more skills and possibly passion than I actually.  Yesterday someone suggested I consider knitting a full size blanket, something I would never finish at the speed and frequency I knit.  Another person thought I should try the new method of knitting two socks at once which includes starting at the toe.  I shared about my inability to turn a heal starting at the top of the sock, but they didn’t see that as a barrier in me doing it in reverse and two at once.

Sometimes others interpret basic knowledge and simple projects as a personal commitment to the mastery of complex skills which requires significant time.  This is okay, but I find it a bit distressing when our culture makes everything about perfection when for some of us it’s just about enjoyment.

Sky Report at around 10:00 – grey and a bit of snow in the air

Yarn Strands – I likely should have done white and grey but I did two grey



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