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things I learned – post 4

December 24, 2013

Early on I said shared that if you want to be a writer, I believe that you have to actually do some writing.  After a year of blogging/writing almost every day, I’m not sure I want to be a “writer” per say.  It’s harder than I thought to motivate myself for this activity.  And although on some level I believe that if you are a true writer, it doesn’t matter if you have an audience; I like the feedback that comes from having an audience.  That said, I’m somewhat hesitant to open up this blog to the public and not know who is reading; as writing is a very personal thing and I’m not sure about having a wider audience.

So I can say that this year I learned that writing isn’t always easy and fun.  That writing is something I will procrastinate on sometimes.  That for me, writing is at least partly about having readers.   That when writing, you share a part of yourself and that sometimes that is scary and uncomfortable.  However, despite all this, I kind of think that I’ll keep writing and keep learning.

Sky Report at 10:00 – thank you to whoever prayed for sunshine and blue sky to help me out with the grey yarn shortage.  It’s a beautiful sunny morning.

Yarn Strands – blue and the lightest blue (as there were a few whispy cloud-type things)

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  1. It’s interesting what you learn about something by commiting to it and really investing. But even if your feelings about writing have changed, I for one hope you keep on with it.

    • Thanks for your encouragement and your comment. Comments are very reinforcing and increase the likelihood I will keep writing. Your comment means even more given the date you posted it. 🙂

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