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things I learned – post 5

December 26, 2013

This year, I learned you can do things maybe you thought you couldn’t.  I really wasn’t sure I’d be able to knit every day for an entire year, but I did.  While I don’t have an official statistic, there were only a few instances, where to due to travel, I didn’t knit the two rows on the exact day.  I wasn’t so sure I would want to knit in the summer, but I did.

Perhaps even more impressive, is that I blogged close to 300 days this past year.  It’s true I didn’t write about knitting in all 300 of those posts, but I did write.   Some days, I’d turn on the computer, log into WordPress and stare at the screen for a long time, but even on those days I always wrote something.  The writing was always harder than the knitting, and still is; and so I’m still a bit surprised that I have done as much writing as I have, and that the writing is the part that might continue into 2014.

So remember, you can do lots of things.  Things you might have thought unlikely or hard.  If you try you never know what you might be able to achieve.

Sky Report at 10:00 – light snow

Yarn Strands – two white


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