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Nothing to Knit

December 30, 2013

So as of tomorrow, I will not have any knitting projects.   Many months ago I finished a scarf that had been sitting around half finished for a long time.  The boot cuffs were a quick and easy project.  And as of today, the Christmas stockings I have been working on for years are also finished.

My mum asked today what I was going to knit next and I don’t have a clue.   While not a prolific knitter, this past year it has been a focus of my daily activities, my writing, and many of my conversations.  It feels like I should have another project ready to start.  So I guess I’m open to suggestions.  If you have ideas or something you think I should be knitting, send along the suggestion.  Just remember it needs to be relatively easy.

Sky Report at 10:00 – I breathed a sign of relief at 10:00 this morning when the sun and blue skies were poking through the clouds and that meant there would be no need for grey yarn.

Yarn Strands – blue and white


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