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The Great thing about January

January 23, 2014

I am sure many of you are thinking “there isn’t anything great about January”.  And given the current cold streak, which is close on the heals of the “polar vortex” days; I can understand your skepticism.  But tonight as I drove home from work at close to 6 o’clock, it was still light out.  The sun had set, but the sky was bright with shades of pink.  And I thought “the great thing about January is that it stays light so much later”.  January often has bright, clear, sunny days.  In fact, the past 3 days in cold Ontario were sunnier than the previous 3 days in warm Roatan.  So despite the cold temperatures, January has lots of sunshine and sunshine that lasts past the drive home from work.  And after the dark days of November and December, January has some great features in my mind.


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