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Barbequed mini-meatloaf

January 29, 2014

Today at my workplace lunch table I got involved in a great conversation about meatloaf.  Despite what you might initially think there is much to be discussed, and it went well beyond a love of meatloaf.  There was discussion on the merits of breadcrumbs vs. crackers vs. oatmeal vs. stuffing mix (stuffing mix won).  The appeal of the mini meatloaf made in muffin tins or mini loaf pans.  Some people’s love of meatloaf leftovers which means a meatloaf sandwich the next day.  A brief clarification regarding ketchup on the top before baking.  And finally the idea of barbequing meatloaf.

The idea of barbequing meatloaf was new to many of us, but we quickly latched on to the idea.  As who doesn’t love barbequed just about anything.  In this case, the meatloaf is bbq’d without a pan which means all the sides can get that wonderful crispy effect.  After much learning about the bbq’ing meatloaf process and specifics, we took it a step further and discussed the fantastic idea of bbqing mini-meatloafs.  As doesn’t that combine all the great meatloaf ideas today.  And hey if it appeals to you why not put the bbq’d mini-meatloafs between bread or on a bun.

Now if you are following this train of thought, right about now I bet you are thinking  what was just described sounds a lot like a hamburg.  🙂  You are right it does, we came to same conclusion around the lunchroom table.  But doesn’t calling it a mini-meatloaf cooked on the bbq sound way more appealing than just calling it a burger?  A great example of how re-framing something can make all the difference.


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