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the allure of easy

February 16, 2014

Why does “easy” have such appeal?  And does this desire for things to be easy and straightforward apply to everyone?  I was going to start this by writing “we all like it when things are easy or come easily”; and then I wondered if that were true.  Is this desire for the simple and easy is unique to me? Unique to my generation?  Or is it an unfortunate characteristics of most humans?

Despite knowing on a logical and cerebral level that something that takes effort will be more rewarding, most days I just want things to be easy.  That applies to my work life, my relationships, my daily tasks, the list goes on.  I’m not sure why “easy” has such allure.  There is a saying ” no one ever said life would be easy”, and yet for some reason that is what we are all hoping for.

I hope I can learn to embrace the extra effort the leads to strong friendships, to take up the work projects that require me to use my brain a bit more, and to accept that life is full of glitches and turns and that these are part of life’s joy.  But I also wonder, is it just me that gets sucked into the allure of easy or are others challenged by this too?



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