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Cheering you on

February 17, 2014

“Who is waiting at the finish line, and who will be cheering for you at the final banquet, even when you don’t win? Especially when you don’t win…”

I read this thought several weeks ago, and it’s stuck with me.  While the thought had nothing to do with the Olympics and that isn’t why it stuck with me it; sharing it now is rather timely.

Some people have, need and want lots and lots of friends.  And those people might have a long list of friends who would be cheering them on even when things are going well, even when they don’t look like “winners”.  But I would guess that in reality, for most people, the list of friends and family truly in their corner when life is hard, times are tough, and they aren’t winning is rather short.  And that is okay.  It’s okay if the core group of “your people” is short, as long as you know who they are and cherish them in their way their status merits.  It’s the people that are there with you, especially when you aren’t “winning” that matter the most.  Find ways to tell them or show them how special they are.


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