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service cat

February 27, 2014

On this cold, stormy day, I thought I’d share one of the highlights in my life over the past week.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I work for an organization that supports people with developmental disabilities.  Last week, I learned about a woman who has a service cat.  She trained the cat to meet the criteria for a service animal.  When the cat is wearing it’s special service vest, it goes into service mode.  Word is that in addition to doing visits with seniors, the cat can also dial emergency services on the woman’s phone.  The woman has also worked to get signs in the area changed so they depict both dogs and cats as allowable service animals.

Too many days of my days are filled with stories of challenge, things that aren’t working, situations that are less than we would desire; and then I hear about the service cat.  It has changed my outlook and perspective.  And every time I tell someone about the woman and her service cat (both at work and outside work), they respond with excitement and enthusiasm.  It’s a story that makes people happy and inspires and encourages them.

We need more ‘service cat’ type conversations in our world.


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  1. lindai permalink

    That did make me happy!

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