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The big journey trap

March 1, 2014

“People get trapped into thinking that anything worth having must involve some big journey.”

Similarly, people get trapped into thinking that to make a difference in the world you have to do something huge like move to an impoverished country, give away all your money, start a charity, find an altruistic career.  I think we need get out of these traps.

I think there are lots of things worth having right in our own backyards. Things like family and friends, locally grown produce, people with interesting things to share, and the beauty of nature.  I think that we can make a difference in the world by the treating those we with interact with each day with dignity and respecting where they are at, by doing whatever job we have with integrity, by contributing/volunteering in our communities, and by giving people the benefit of the doubt.  These are just the examples that came to the top of my head, there are many more.

So I don’t think we should be waiting around for a sign or message that will signal which big journey or huge step you should take.  And I don’t think there is much value in beating ourselves up for staying close to home or appearing to lead an “ordinary life”.  Get out of the trap, there is so much you can experience and so much you can contribute from where you are right now.


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