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Balance – almost impossible to achieve

March 17, 2014


Often I find myself talking to people about the ever elusive concept of “balance”.  Balance seems to be something we are all striving for but which seems almost impossible to achieve.  We all think that if we could just find the right balance between home and work, friends and tasks, spending and saving, activity and relaxation, life would be so much better.

But what is the time interval upon which this sense of balance is based?  Do we need balance in our hours, days, weeks, or months?  Each week includes 172 hours and that seems like it should be where we start when it comes to achieving balance.  However, today my day included a number of the ‘big’ things like work, exercise, good food, connecting with friends and co-workers, blogging, and a bit of household tasks.  It was a good day.  It felt balanced.

Maybe we would be better at feeling we have balance in our lives if we worked harder to make it happen on a daily basis.  When our days are closer to balanced, our weeks will be more balanced, as will our months and years.  Something to consider.


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